Cooking as a Therapy

Cooking can be used a therapy as it has been shown to reduce stress, allow individuals to gain more insight about their own behavior, increase their self-esteem, as well as increase brain development. Apart from the mental health benefits of going to therapy, cooking therapy can definitely have a positive impact on the entire body.

When someone cooks, this can be a great way to engage all of his senses, definitely a great culinary adventure for him. From the moment he starts to cook till the end, his sensory awareness is increased through physically touching ingredients, inhaling the various smells associated with cooking, tasting prepared food items, and visually experiencing all types foods. As cooking is a very relaxing and expressive activity, it allows a lot of people to open up about serious topics and their deep feelings. Some people can even let themselves go while cooking, expressing their deepest thoughts and pain without feeling inhibited by the predefined rules set around him.

People who are inspired to cook meals with those who play an important role in their personal lives, that is, the ones they love, they tend to share more of their feelings with them. It has been observed that there are even physical benefits from cooking therapy. Recipes duly prepared by abiding to basic nutrition rules can create a very well-balanced meal and can contribute to long-term physical health. Furthermore, muscle coordination is greatly improved through sharpening¬†knifes. And learning how to navigate the kitchen helps to improve a lot of coordination skills, has the ability of enhancing all the senses as well as our motor skills. We must not forget that lifting heavy kitchen objects and ingredients can also increase strength. So why not start cooking right now if you can’t go to the gym to tone your body, if you need to relax or if you wish to communicate more effectively with your family or friends ?


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