Memories, beautiful leaves …

Spending my whole childhood on the beautiful island of Mauritius brought so many positive things to my life. Growing up in a country where the beauty of the landscape has always been the window to its economy encouraged me to fall in love with aesthetically advantaged places, people, animals, objects and minds. I’m surely not talking about the superficial aspect of life, don’t get me wrong here. I’m just expressing my passion for what we call Authentic, Different, Contradictory, Mysterious and Genuine.

I remember those times when I was small, sitting on a bench in our garden full of fruit trees, sipping on an orange juice, playing with cats or dogs and having a chat with my great uncle. There were so many leaves on the ground; green, yellow, brownish, red … I loved leaves so much. I enjoyed playing with them all day long, falling asleep in the garden even if I had been stung so many times by mosquitoes before while I was having a nap ! And of course … I will never forget that my parents used to scold me as I was a great Olive leaves eater. Mum had the great idea to tie my hands behind my back one day and I still managed to crawl like a worm in order to be able to pick up the dear leaves with my mouth, bad girl isn’t it ?


Other precious times in the garden were the one shared with my little brother. We used to play with Acacia leaves that we enjoyed stealing from my neighbour’s backyard. Well, we were not really stealing as the tree was so tall and big, that its leaves shaded our backyard. We just had to climb on a big rock and pick the leaves. I guess that in the eyes of the children we were, those leaves were precious.  They were surely very particular as we spent our day inventing very creative games and flower arrangements with them.


Now, that I grew up, leaves are more or a less a nuisance for me except when I am taking photos of them. Can you imagine once second that we need to sweep them by the front door everyday ? Depending on the season, we have to pick them up several times a day and look at them devils becoming brownish up the trees ! Looking at them, we desperately know that they will fall from those trees soon and we will need to clean up ! Leaves, leaves if you were not a source of oxygen and good photography models, I would try a magic trick to make you disappear off the face of the earth !



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