What do we need to eat when we are tired?

When i’m tired, I don’t usually visualize a cup of coffee. Although people say that caffeine boost is without any doubt great, we can also increase our energy through our diet. There are particular foods to eat if we are exhausted. Eating the appropriate foods can help us fight against that fatigue and have us feeling more energized, focused, and boosted without having to load up on some cups of coffee.


Keeping my energy levels steady is important because I sometimes feel very tired when I wake up in the morning, especially when I’ve been working until 2 am and need to wake up before 6 am. I read that it was always excellent to opt for whole foods over a sugary bar or a quick processed meal. If you’re feeling low on energy too today, just try to load up on one of these foods below which can help combat tiredness naturally. Who knows that might work for you as well, it did for me !

A banana is high in complex carbohydrates, natural sugar, amino acids, turning them into a great natural energy booster. That fruit also contains tyrosine, an amino acid which helps to produce norepinephrine, which can help improve our level of alertness.

Nuts make a great snack for decreasing tiredness whether we eat a handful of trail mix or spread some almond butter on a toast in the morning. It can also increase our satiety and maintain our energy levels, as they contain a healthy balance of fat and protein to keep blood sugar levels steady.

Oatmeal is an energizing food, a whole grain which is a perfect booster. People who eat a breakfast high in complex carbohydrates feel the most alert compared to those who prefer just a breakfast high in fat.

Did you know that curry could help ? That might not be our first thought to eat curry when we’re feeling sleepy. But its good to know that it contains a spice called turmeric that contains an active ingredient called curcumin that can improve mental function and boost our overall energy levels according to multiple studies.

There is a reason why so many people enjoy eggs in the morning. People who eat eggs for breakfast have more steady energy levels throughout the day than those who eat just a bagel. Eggs contain the B vitamin choline, which can improve verbal and visual memory.

Avocado has healthy fats to help with satiety and energy and the fatty acids may help with inflammation which is closely linked to fatigue. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating a diet high in monounsaturated fats helps to improve energy levels compared to a diet high in saturated fats.

Dark chocolate is a great choice when i’m feeling tired because like coffee, it contains caffeine. Eating dark chocolate can also improve our cognitive functions and that really helps me especially when I have a heavy workload.

I love berries ! The berries like blueberries can help us improve motor performance as well as working memory.

Dark green leafy veggies usually provide energy, protein, and fiber and are loaded with antioxidants. Eating greens such as kale, spinach, swiss chard, or collard greens for a healthy boost of energy is a great idea, trust me 😉

Did you ever think about water ? It is important to drink plenty of water when we’re feeling tired. Even just mild dehydration can cause fatigue and moodiness, so drinking up to help feeling better is a good habit.


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