Home cooking is essential for health and can change your life


There are so many good reasons to cook at home. And it is so surprising that we are not all doing it from time to time. Some research shows that regularly eating home cooked meals as a family promotes healthier and happier kids, and teens are less inclined to go towards alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes.

The benefits for adults

Adults also benefit from a lot of advantages when they eat home cooked meals. People who adopt that habit of eating regularly tend to be happier and healthier. They consume less sugar and processed foods, which will probably result in higher energy levels and better mental health. When an individual eats home cooked meals 5 or more days per week, that gives him a better quality of life, thus a longer life.

What about the mental benefits ?

When we eat home cooked meals with other people, that considerably increases our mental health benefits. Actually, when he take meals in common, it can make us feel happier, even outside mealtimes. Meals prepared at home reinforces social connections and can help us cultivate a sense of belonging and also reduce symptoms of depression. When we share the joy of home cooking, it also preserves cultural knowledge and history as we pass on recipes from generation to generation. Don’t you agree?

Home cooked meals help to save money

Home cooked meals helps people to learn how to preserve the environment. We are more conscious of what is contained in our food when we prepare them ourselves. It also gives us the possibility to save money and reduce our carbon footprint. Home cooking gives us the opportunity to choose component ingredients over processed meals, which reduces packaging. When you buy ingredients from local farmers or grow your own, you can make an even bigger impact on the environment. That helps to significantly reduce the amount of transportation required to get food to your plate.

Now that you know the benefits of home cooking, why not start adopting that good habit now if you are not already used to cook at home ?


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  1. PriyaPandian says:

    Home cooked food are always the best 👍


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