Cooking Therapy

We live in a world that is constantly growing and changing where there are new discoveries every day. Therapeutic techniques continue to evolve while the world is moving to another level. Just like Art and Music Therapy, Cooking Therapy is a practice which uses cooking as a method of communication and expression. Cooking as a therapy is successful because it encourages an individual’s creativity. When we cook, it immediately makes us feel good about ourselves as it is a way to nurture for our loved ones. Some people have difficulties in opening up to strangers, they never talk about their deepest secrets or most of us simply take some to time realise what these secrets might be.

When someone discovers a way to relax and engage in something creative, fun and inspiring, he automatically feels the capacity of being free, less vulnerable, and more honest. The art of Cooking has various therapeutic values which are physical, cognitive, social and intrapersonal. When we say physical, it means that cooking requires good movement in shoulders, fingers, wrists, elbow, neck and also a good overall balance. We need adequate muscle strength in the upper limbs for lifting, mixing, cutting and chopping. Moreover, sensory awareness is essential as a certain level of safety is required when we are dealing with hot and sharp objects.

Cooking Therapy also functions as a method of transition for stressed out users. It helps them to focus on a task at hand, and help them feel satisfaction at completing a task. Furthermore, the reward of eating together as a family or a group and the satisfaction of having cooked a healthy meal can alternatively transform into a rush of healthy rise of self-esteem. Everything related to cooking brings people together, whether it is baking, cooking a meal and shopping for the food. Above all, we must admit that sitting down together and socializing is the most important part of that exercise.