The Story

Passionate about gastronomy, colours, psychology, travels, foreign cultures and languages, I thought that try grouping all these in only one place would be a nice idea. I love beautiful things, perfectly coloured, not necessarily material things, but really nice mesmerizing matters around me. For example, I love the tremendous colours of valleys in Spain, the old villages in France, vast plains in the Netherlands, rainy days in Germany’s big cities and above all, beautiful colours of the landscape in Mauritius, especially the seaside ! There are so many other places that I visited where colours were the first things which attracted and impressed me. I deeply think that colours has a great impact on our mind, soul and body. Just like it is very easy for people conscious of their weaknesses to control their body, it is just as simple to get things our way through colours when we know their different powers and meanings.

These days, healthcare practitioners, life coaches, psychologists and many types of therapists across the world choose cooking or baking as therapy tools for people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental health or social problems. This type of therapy is also partly aimed at teaching healthy cooking and eating skills to people living tough and chaotic lives. Why cookery ? Well, it makes so much sense to think of cooking as a therapy for food has a lot of meaning culturally, ethnically and religiously. So, if you want to reach your deep self, think cooking and head directly to a kitchen !